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Sweet 16

Megan Elizabeth Daley was 16 today. Now Meggie and fifteenkey.com share a birthday. To celebrate, we spent the weekend in New York City with her brother Kyle and best pal Mallory. I really wanted it to be special and luck (or clean living) brought theatre tickets to us a mere 6 days before the show. Now Megan didn’t seem too thrilled at the news we were going to see “The Lion King.” She perceived it as a little kids show. Still, when 8:00 Saturday night arrived, she seemed pretty excited to be there. When they drew the curtain arount 8:05, the lights, colors, sounds and graceful movement immersed us in “The Circle of Life.” I glanced to my right and saw three young faces sharing the same look: awe and joy.

Happy Birthday Meggie.


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations on finally doing this. You still need to top ‘the Mary Cassett of Meatballs’

  2. Blogger User

    welcome to the world of narcisscism, my friend.

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