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Hip Check

No, not this kind. That would probably hurt more than I’d like right now. Anyway, today I’m 18 days post-op on hip replacement #2 and as Larry David would say, I’m feeling “pretty pretty pretty pretty good.” It’s funny (strange) because my surgeon told me this (right) one “was tough to get out” and was in worse shape than the left hinge he replaced in late September. The first week was rough as the surgical trauma was more intense this time, so more of all the bad stuff like pain and swelling, but the combo of ice and Tylenol Extra-Strength while lampin’ like Larry and Leon got me to the point where I needed neither pretty quickly. Oh, and I didn’t take any of the Oxy, either. Yeah, I think that was part fear, and part trying to be a tough guy, but I won’t overthink that past.

On Monday during an in-house Physical Therapy session with Kristie, I asked, “when will I be able to get on my stationary bike?” She shuffled through some notes and replied, “I don’t see any restrictions.” What? I thought it would be 4-6 weeks for that, but no, and minutes later I was pedaling away, largely pain-free. I was sooooo happy! Since then, I’ve done a couple of five-minute sessions each day plus my PT exercises and aside from some achiness, the flesh and bone surrounding my new bionics are healing, stretching, and strengthening. Outpatient PT starts next week, and while I know Joyanna will hurt me, I won’t hold it against her because she’ll be pushing and pulling me toward the day I get on my road bike. Just thinking of that has me a bit verklempt.

Speaking of looking forward… Well, wait. One thing meditation has taught me is to pay attention and enjoy the moment. Like now. Well, I’m sitting in my home office laptop pecking and listening to the Pernice Brothers, “Overcome By Happiness,” a pop masterpiece released in 1998. Oh, man. What a record that hold up 25 years later. You should go buy it right now. So, back to the future. Dave of “Dave and Jeff” fame will be making an area appearance for a May 18th show with the aforementioned band where they will play “Overcome” in its entirety! Big D also has never been to Fenway Pahk, so we’ll try to catch a ballgame. Yep. Overcome by happiness.

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