I don’t know what it is about September, but it seems to throw me into a funk. Last night after watching S2 E6 of “Succession,” I said to Beth, “I think I’ve had it with this show. I don’t like what it’s doing to me.” As John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page co-wrote, “Lyin’ Cheatin’ Hurtin’ That’s All You Seem To Do.” That’s how I feel about the awful characters on the show. It’s a night-time soap opera about rich entitled assholes modeled on the Fox News-owning Murdoch family. That makes me wonder why I began watching it in the first place, but hey – some people love it.

The shitty feeling I had after consuming a couple of episodes last night made me think about why. As is my wont, I searched and found a few articles/blog posts on the concept, “You Become the Content You Consume.” Bingo. I don’t want to become like those people, so why consume their rotten ways? I don’t want to get soul poisoning.

In that vein, I’m also cutting back on ingesting political content, especially Orange Soul Crush. Of the 54 days and 12 hours of podcasts I’ve listened to since October 22, 2017, political casts have dwindled. My current top listens are:

As for the September slump, the only thing I can recall clearly is not working out much during them. Maybe it’s recovery time from busy summers or just the doldrums of facing another winter. Not this year. I’m working on consistency with my new bike, so hopefully I can keep that going right into the Fall until New England weather forces the cycling indoors. For now, it’s a beautiful day, so I need to get on my bike and ride!