Surfing yesterday afternoon, Buena Vista Social Club looked interesting in the channel guide, but instead the Independent Film Channel was just finishing up a rebroadcast of the Indie Spirit Awards, a show “recognizing the achievements of independent filmmakers and promoting independent film to a wider audience.” So says their website. Anyway, the show had gone long. Go figure. One of the reasons it went long was the incredibly annoying Robin Williams. Of course he’s way too big of a star to just come on the stage and present the “Best Feature” award. He has to do his manic, stream of consciousness schtick for five minutes, including making fun of some woman in the front row for her hair and face. Hey, that’s some funny and original stuff, Robin. Then he announces the nominated films with little voices to remind everyone that the films are really just props for Robin to mock. Finally, just when we think his convulsions are over, he continues to carry on while the winner is trying to speak. Rude and annoying.