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Save the Polka-Dot

This space was created after having great fun writing on my friend Jeff’s blog. He’s a gifted writer, he’s funny, and he’s quite insane. The combination makes for a very entertaining read. About a week ago, his site received a makeover and is now sporting an exquisite polka-dot motif, Jeff’s adoring homage to an icon of design.

The new look has me doing some heavy thinking about the polka-dot. What are the origins of the polka-dot? Did God create the polka-dot, or did they evolve as descendants of the square after millions of years of perfecting evolution? Some questions will remain unanswered.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a small mention of the polka-dot, but it doesn’t contain much on what can only be a rich and glorious history.

The polka-dot was thought to be extinct until sightings in London’s Carnaby Street neighborhood in the 60’s. The spot was the home of mod fashion, and the place where Bob Dylan likely began his abuse of the polka-dot after 1965.

In recent history, the polka-dot has become more used and exploited than ever. On ebay there are page after page of items that would be considered worthless kitsch except for one thing: They’re sporting the polka-dot.

Yeah, just slap some polka-dots on it and sell it. It sickens me. People protect the rain forests, but no one rises to defend the polka-dot. Thanks Jeff.

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  1. Blogger User

    What if Jeff was the normal one and everyone else was insane?

    Epstein’s Mom

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