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All Work and No Play…

I’m jumping on a plane tonight bound for San Francisco. On second thought, jumping may not be in good taste, so I’ll walk on. My lovely ex-wife believes my business trips are just vacations. In this case, the location is certainly suitable for one. Arriving in the city by the bay at 10:12pm, my boss Paul and I will drive to the Silverado Country Club and Resort in Napa Valley for two days of meetings and one day of a local User’s Conference. Even though we won’t have time for golf, we’ll be in a picturesque location and will visit the Bistro Jeanty for a team dinner and a winery for a customer event. Hopefully the brunette will be there.


  1. Anonymous

    I’ll be in Oakland tomorrow and Tuesday night. Thought about going to see John Prine and Tom Russell on Monday night at the Fillmore…but I want to ride a bike cross the SF Bridge, that is if my clients don’t accept my dinner invitation….hope they don’t!!!

    Jim Hurley

  2. Anonymous

    My lovely current wife says business trips are vacations too!
    Jim Hurley

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