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Match.com is really doing women on their site a disservice when they place this, um, eye-catching ad next to the 1” x ¾” pictures of “women seeking men.” I mean, there are some beautiful women on there, but man… Compared to air-brushed perfection? Unfair. I suppose it also pops up when women are checking out guys, so maybe the ladies are getting some shopping in and match.com is getting some click-through revenue. Actually, they got me to click through and look around, but I didn’t buy anything…today.

If many of the lonely souls are like me, then they take some time to write a “grabber” headline. So, I wonder what the thought process was for the women who came up with these:

Yet another dating service – That’s the spirit! You’ll be marrying your soulmate in no time!
RN seeks man with active brain waves – OK. Will an EKG be involved to verify?
Toss a football or wear a black dress – This is a good one, but it would have been so much better had she used “while wearing…”
*#^@^%#%@!!!!!!!!! – Maybe it’s just me, but there’s a “Bobbit-esque” vibe to this one.
Is there anyone NORMAL out there??!! – Um. No. Not really.
If married, drunk or liar do not reply – My favorite. A woman who knows what she doesn’t want.
Nudging Fate – Interesting. I think this is what most people are hoping an internet dating site will do for them. In fact, it would make a great name for a site…

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  1. Anonymous

    Well when you decide to buy Victoria’s lace and satin (and they’re not for you), make sure you have Feelin’Love by Paula Cole to go along with them. -M.

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