An old friend liked to use the cliché, “it’s the journey, not the destination.”

It is in that spirit that Kyle and I set out for a day-trip to Martha’s Vineyard for “JawsFest,” the 30th’anniversary celebration of the filming on the island. Really, I’m taking the one hour and forty-five minute drive to New Bedford and the one-hour ferry trip for one reason: to get a picture of Kyle with the big movie star. Yep, “Bruce,” as director Stephen Spielberg named him, is terrorizing the island once again!

We’ll arrive in Vineyard Haven around 11:00 and find our way to Heather Gardens in West Tisbury. Why a mechanical shark will be on display at an inland nursery and garden center is a mystery, but I’m going to relish it. Work it isn’t. The big mystery is whether Kyle will get close enough to the fictional great-white to snap a picture. He loves the crocodile from the Peter Pan films, but won’t go near the mechanical one at the Rainforest Café in Burlington… Stay tuned.