So said the “English as a second language” guide at Heather Gardens. What we were looking for was Grange Hall, an old restored post & beam hall in the village of West Tisbury where a collection of “Jaws” memorablia was on display. So off we went, expecting the booty of buoy’s, spear guns and other cool props to be “just around the bend.” Well, after several bends, a couple long straightaways and a few hills, we were nowhere. This particular journey kept my interest with extraordinary old trees and the occasional outdoor sculpture, but Kyle wasn’t feeling the love. Not the the trek was all mellow for me either. Most of it was spent worried about Kyle’s positioning within the 18” walking path on the side of the “State Road” as cars and trucks whizzed by.

Finally we reached a bus stop and decided to wait for the next one. We waited for about 15 minutes, chatting with a couple brothers who had also come over for the “JawsFest.” Well, I chatted. Kyle was just clutching his Boston Magazine, wondering how this adventure had gone so horribly wrong. As the bus sped toward us, Kyle muttered, “Finally” as the bus whooshed by us with a big gust of wind. We were back to walking… After forty-five more minutes of silent trudging, we arrived at the village. Maybe that guy meant 500 kilometers… We darted into a little general store for pizza, a tuna wrap and some lemonade. We ate in slience, sitting on the wood bench in front of the place. We’d walked about three miles and weren’t too happy about it. The tuna was good. Just like I remember at the beach as a kid. Kyle erased two slices in ten minutes. The lemonade evaporated at a furious pace. Now, it was time to face the music.

The Grange Hall exhibit had everything. Well, they didn’t have the severed torso of Robert Shaw’s “Quint,” but what do you want for ten bucks…each? Hey, they had just about everything else, including “Ben Gardner’s” head, and Kyle was in Great White Heaven. Later, as we smoothly glided back to New Bedford on the awesome high-speed ferry, Kyle still had his Boston Magazine on his lap. He said quietly, “Thanks Dad. That was fun. I like Martha’s Vineyard.” Me too, Kyle. Me too.