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If it Feels Good, Do It…

Obviously, any fan of rock music knows that a band formed while some of its members were studying at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design should not be missed. Well, Sloan is one of those bands and they’re comin’ to getcha. For me, seeing Sloan live is a recharging experience, kinda like what an electric car feels like after a nice long rush of AC current. The music of this Canadian band has been described as “Beatlesque power pop” and is filled with devastating Joe Frazier-like left hooks. Amazon.com music editor, Peter Hilgendorf calls Sloan “God’s gift to rock and roll,” while comparing them to, “The Beatles, the Kinks, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Big Star, Kiss, Cheap Trick, the Clash, the Replacements, the Young Fresh Fellows, and the Beach Boys (when Mike Love was out at the dry cleaner’s).”

Last summer my daughter Megan caught a left hook or two from Sloan through their record, “Action Pact.” 2004 became the Summer of Sloan, and it peaked when she got to see them live at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. It was a great day full of fun. I long for days like that to return…

One of the bands mega-hits (yeah, it sold like a billion…) is “If it Feels Good, Do It.” It does, so do it. Go See Sloan!


  1. Anonymous

    OK so this site is nice , your heads a tad screwed up but hey –
    I know where you live – no really I do .

  2. Anonymous

    Well that’s a good comment.

    Sloan looks kinda cool…I’ll check ’em out.

    Here’s my musical recommendation…


  3. Anonymous

    I would have said ‘conflicted’ more than ‘heads a tad screwed up’.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey since we are sharing our music, PLease take a listen to one of my favorites !

  5. Anonymous

    Ok…. here’s a blues recommendation… his old CD sucks but I just saw him live and he rocked… I would have thought I was listening to Clapton play… it was the best blues I’ve ever heard live… Chris Fitz Band. http://www.chrisfitzband.com/

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