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In the Face of a Lawyer

I faced one of the toughest decisions of my life today. It involved the future of my first-born child. She’s been struggling with some of lifes challenges and that’s resulted in a challenge I’m not sure I’m up to. Early this morning I was presented the options and recommendations. My mind soon filled with conflict, fear and doubt. As I sat, in a daze, waiting and weighing, I was approached by a lawyer that had once represented me. Chris DiSesa is a great lawyer, but first he’s a human being. I never felt like I had to take a shower after meeting with Chris. He’s decent and honest. He was recommended by Jeff’s father-in-law, another human/lawyer. Guys like that give me hope for the profession. As I told Chris the options I was facing, he didn’t comment or advise (he couldn’t), but his facial expression at one of the options hinted, “don’t do it.” Thanks Chris.

Later, when the gentleman in the black robe asked me what I thought, I remember saying, “I love my daughter,” but not much else. He then spent fifteen minutes trying to help my little girl. He spoke of his relationship with his own father and how while he strongly disagreed with him back then, he now understands that the actions of his father were taken out of love and for his benefit. His words overwhelmed me and I wept in the back of the chamber. There were a couple female clerks that followed suit. Someone handed me a box of tissues, but hey, I have limits… He asked what she wanted to be in the future. “A lawyer,” came the immediate response. “Really? A lawyer. Why is that?” “I’m good at arguing.” Amen to that, my girl. I hope she heard him when he said the path to that future is forming now. Most of all, I hope she felt the love and hope that blanketed her in that room.

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  1. Anonymous

    Always know a “shoulder” is always there to lean on, my friend.

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