It’s no wonder alcoholics and drug addicts have such difficulty achieving sobriety, given how damn hard it is to alter our basic life routines. I’m sitting here in Falmouth, MA at 8:33 am on Sunday, August 7, 2005 and I’m offline. What’s new in the world? This time of the morning, I’ve usually scanned “MyYahoo,” “MyMSN,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Boston Globe” and the NY tabloids if I know the Yankees had a bad loss. This morning I have none of that. I do have yesterdays “Falmouth Enterprise,” dutifully published on Tuesdays and Fridays since 1895. Did I mention it is Friday’s paper?

We also have no TV, AC or fans. My bedroom window lacks a screen, so it’s either shut it or risk a visit from a local bat or coyote. So, we’re lacking some of the things that make us so soft and spoiled. In situations like these, you just make the best of it. You live in the moment… “Be the humidity.” It’s very peaceful here. We’re less than a mile from historic Woods Hole, and about a mile from Falmouth Center. Beaches are close. The coffee is good. It’s different. Yesterday we had a lobster dinner and ice creams.

We caught a couple innings of the Falmouth Commodores in the Cape Cod Baseball League. Based on the teams we saw, pitching dominates the league. Falmouth and Bourne have team batting averages and team ERA’s of .226/.221 and 3.71/2.28 respectively. Not surprisingly, Bourne is 24-17 while Falmouth floats at .500. We left the hot, sun-drenched field after 2, with Bourne up 4-0 on a walk, an E-5 and back to back homers in the first. Frankly I was surprised at the sloppiness of play. The pitchers throw hard, but their control is spotty. Many of these kids have more style than substance, and the play was lacidasical. One standout was Falmouth’s 20 year old catcher, Jon Still, who was impressive defensively and with the stick. He’s the only player on either team hitting over .300 (.316). He plays for NC State.

The girls have been laughing a lot. Kyle cried for his mom last night. He said, “I just can’t be away from her this long.” It was a cleansing cry to overcome a long day of the non-routine. I could tell late in the day he was becoming overwhelmed with over-activity. Before bed we read some more in “Harry Potter – The Goblet of Fire.” He fell off to sleep a happy boy. So did I. Now it’s time for some reading of my own.

PS – Wednesday 10:10 am… It’s my first venture online here at the Coffee Obsession in Falmouth. Sox on the radio has been great and they’re 4 1/2 up on the EE. “The DaVinci Code” was good, but “Angels and Demons” was better. Still, I look forward to seeing how the movie is. Now, on to “The End of Oil.”