I tend to research major purchases to death, and the latest one is for a HDTV. I’ve written here about my quest and comparisons between the Sharp Aquos LCD and the LG LCD. The New York Times recently had an article about the increasing manufacturing capacity and subsequent plummeting prices of flat panels. Based on what I’ve learned about Screen Size, Aspect Ratio, Vertical Scanning Lines, Pixels, Pixel response time, Contrast Ratio, Brightness, Lamp Life, Picture-In-Picture, A/V Outputs, HDMI and DVI, plasma is currently still the best buy in the thin, flat-screen market segment. About the best value I’d found to date was a 42” Dell Plasma for about $2999.

Of course there are some lesser known models, some of which I’ve pictured here. Yeah, they have cool, retro designs, but I’m not digging de analog, mon. I also recently received an offer I can’t refuse. It’s time, isn’t it? Within a few short weeks, the Red Sox and Patriots will begin their World Championship defense, and that will be really cool on HDTV.