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Is a Bad Day of Looting Better than a Good Day at Work?

It is estimated that total contributions to the victims of last years Indian Ocean tsunami exceed $10 Billion Dollars (US). US government and individual contributions are estimated at nearly $2B. With stories and images like this one being transmitted around the world, I predict the Katrina fundraising effort won’t come close to $10B. I have to admit, if my family were victims of this disaster, I’d do whatever I had to ro to ensure they had the basics of food and water. But jeans, electronics, guns and kids piggybanks?

I wrote a check to Americares for tsunami relief within a week of that disaster. Right now I’m not feeling moved like I did then. I wonder how many others who helped tsunami victims see these images of looting and are hesitating?

It is sad that the actions of a tiny portion of the Gulf Coast population may negatively impact thousands of sufferers.


  1. C. Greene

    I could not agree more. For every image I see of people expressing heartfelt support and sympathy for one another during this time, there are at least two images of these hoodlums. I certainly hope all of these photographs come into play in the near future so these perpetrators can be punished.

  2. cee pee

    Are you crazy? You’re showing a picture of a woman who seems to be carrying food items and things for staving off rain in a disater area where no shops are open and virtually no support yet given, who probably has a family of hungry kids stuck somewhere and you’re calling her a looter and c. greene thinks shes a hoodlum to be brought to justice! If there’s one thing this disaster proved to the world it’s what a bunch of short sited arses some people can be. Think bigger (if possible).

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