It’s been nearly ten years since Jeff and I toured New England four nights in a row to witness what survived from the inferno that was Uncle Tupelo. At that time, much of me was being consumed in a fire I chose to walk into. Unfortunately, anyone close to you during a fire is likely to suffer burns to some degree, and in my case, they did. I’ve spent most of the ten years since applying the salve of love to help heal their wounds, but memories of a fire can haunt survivors long after the flames are drowned. Recently on TV I saw images of people combing the burned-out shells of what once were their homes in Southern California. They slowly walk while looking downward, hoping to salvage a meaningful artifact from the ashes… a family photo… a childs toy… their heart. Hey, wasn’t that uplifting? Sorry, it’s just part of my personal exorcism to claw my way out of the hell of self-imposed misery and guilt. I think it’s going really well…

So this weekend Son Volt is back, but different than the band we saw back in ’95. All the faces have changed except that of Jay Farrar, the heart of the band. NPR’s show “All Songs Considered” has an article and audio of a full show played recently at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Check it out. Jeff and I will be in Paradise again Sunday night, but different than we were in ’95. Hopefully, we’re better. Hey, I wonder if they’ll open with “Bandages & Scars?”

“Thinking ‘bout the future,
and what to do then.”