During Theo Epstein’s excellent adventure, a couple very young guys have been running the Red Sox baseball show. As of this evening, it appears the Sox will sow their oats on a deal for Indians outfielder Coco Crisp. Since Crisp doesn’t have the same power numbers of the departed Johnny Damon, the Sox also discussed a trade to add more Pop to their line-up, but Kellogg’s insisted the Sox also take Snap and Crackle. Ex-Co-GM Jed Hoyer tersely dismissed that scenario as “untenable.” Other possibilities being considered are Captain Crunch, All Bran, who has a reputation of clearing the logjam on the bases, and Tony the Tiger, although he’s considered a bit long in the tooth and commands a salary unlikely to be assumed by John Henry and Co.

The club continues to look for pitching, this week bringing in free agent Count Chocula for a physical. Unfortunately, after thousands of innings, an MRI confirmed Chocula indeed has a dead arm. While not as important as run production or pitching, the departure of clubhouse favorite Kevin Millar has some concerned about the team chemistry for 2006. Ex-Co-GM Ben Cherrington is said to be leaning toward veteran Corn Flakes, while Fruit Loops, although tainted by the 2005 steroid scandal, remains a possibility.