Yeah, I’m a little cynical, but Valentine’s Day is just so contrived. The cheesy cards. The overpriced flowers. The once a year overture that simply doesn’t make up for sleepwalking through the other 364. Last night I took Kyle shopping so he could get his Mom and sister something, but with this young man, he loves them like every day is Valentine’s Day. He’s a 24/7 lover boy. Isn’t that how it should be? Unconditional? The way it used to be before the pain, regrets and burns… Sometimes I wonder if I can ever again risk enough to shed my jaded skin and get there. To a place where I relate as much to a love song as I do to this one:

“Move around, never moving on,
waiting for the thing to happen
when it’s already gone…”

Overcome By Happiness – Pernice Brothers

PS – As I wrote this, the sweet sound of Megan reading to Kyle softly carried through the house. Moments like these confirm my heart still beats.