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I finally got around to refreshing the playlist on my 60 minute MP3 player for the gym. Included in the list is a sample of the Pernice Brothers live “Nobody’s Watching/Nobody’s Listening.” This band has produced some of the most beautifully lush pop sounds I’ve ever heard (link to their stuff on Amazon below). On this record though, they plug in and rock.

  1. Sweet Illusions – Ryan Adams
  2. Indian Summer Takedown – Varnaline
  3. Meet Me on the Ledge – Varnaline
  4. Land of Hopes and Dreams – Bruce
  5. Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce
  6. Money City Maniacs – Sloan
  7. I’ll Be Comin’ Around – Bottle Rockets
  8. I’ve Been Dying – Bottle Rockets
  9. Backstreets – Bruce
  10. Flaming Wreck (Live) – Pernice Brothers
  11. Going Under – Evanescence
  12. All Used Up – Sloan
  13. If It Feels Good Do It – Sloan

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