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I, Toast.

Yes, I am toast. An overdone piece dipped into hot tea with milk when it just turns to mush before disintegrating to the bottom of the cup. Anyway, toast can’t write so I give you Dave. Um, well, Dave’s hair. It seems, according to Dave, that he’s got some fabulous “do” according to all the groupies on his myspace site. Now don’t get me wrong, Dave’s pomp is legendary. It’s freakin awesome! Here are some comments left from his fans:

“best hair since ’68 era Elvis! keep rockin cat!” “Keep growing those cool lambchops!”

Another dude from a British band wrote ol’ Hut234 to say he thought he had the best hair in the UK until he saw Dave’s picture he said “you win!” Dave got a big kick out of that…

Dave is proud of his hair and I think he spends quite some time whipping it up into that pompador. I tried to touch it once, but Dave went all diva on me…

Visit Dave at www.myspace.com/raveondave

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  1. David J. Klug

    Thank ya ver’ much…


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