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Random Ranting on Memorial Day Sunday

ABC’s Brent Musburger made some idiotic comments today before the Indy 500. He said we shouldn’t forget we’re at war so that we can all enjoy events like the Indianapolis 500… Yeah Brent, we’re in Iraq so they can fuel the damn cars…

While most Americans celebrate the holiday by going to parades, holding cookouts and drinking excessively in the late spring heat, some poor FBI agents are digging for Jimmy Hoffa at a farm in Michigan. I hope someone brings them dogs and beers…

I miss the NBA and NHL playoffs. I know they’re ongoing, but without the C’s and the B’s in them, it’s just not the same. I long for those Memorial Day weekend triple headers of C’s, B’s and Sox playing on the same day. I wonder when that will happen again. Oh, and Dwyane Wade is the real deal.

We’re almost 1/3 through the marathon that is the Major League Baseball season and I don’t know what we’ve got with the Red Sox. The pitching has been solid as expected, and the defense better, but the lineup does struggle on occasion to score runs. So far, the biggest surprise has been Mike Lowell (.326, 22 doubles and 29 rbi) and the biggest disappointment Jason Varitek (.232 and only 3 more homers than Josh Beckett). I love his game, but .232 is lame.

It’s sad because of the guys immense talent, but because Barry Bonds is perceived as he is, all his accomplishments in baseball will be shadowed by an asterisk. Today Mr. Bonds passed George Herman Ruth with number 715*, but he’ll never, ever, be looked upon with the reverence of the Babe.

* hit by like totally a jerk…

Kyle has had a tough “coming of age” long weekend. First, and it was a first for him, a waitress spilled 15 of my 16oz beer on him during dinner. Right in his lap. Based on the look on his face, it wasn’t “the pause that refreshes.” Second, yesterday he tripped on a pair of shoes (not mentioning any names…) left in the living room, and fell against an end table resulting in his first fat lip. It was pretty traumatic for him and even more so for me. He’s fine and I’m recovering.

I kinda like HR chicks. Well, the ones that get it. The ones you can actually joke around with and not end up in, uhhh, HR. Anyway, one I know has kind of a problem with passing out company golf shirts because it’s very “old boys network” behavior. I thought of her when I read about another cool HR chick today.

Finally, why do middle age relationships or anything remotely resembling a relationship have to be so complicated? Could it be:

– the ex?
– the kids?
– the mother?
– the other ex?
– the work thing?
– the one that got away?
– the drinking problem?
– the kids kids?
– the backhair?
– the cellulite?
– the cats?
– the dog?
– me?

Really, I’m just wondering.

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  1. Anonymous

    …backhair and cellulite, but she has a great personality!

    With relationships- when young, you either grow together or you grow apart. When middle aged, you’ve grown (hopefully), so it’s a matter of acceptance, isn’t it? It’s the difference between love of the heart and love of companionship. One sees past the list, and the other doesn’t.


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