…from last week’s visit to the Chicago Art Institute:

Greyed Rainbow – Jackson Pollock 1953 – I got lost in this painting for about 10 minutes. The amout of emotion spilled onto that large canvas is amazing.

Abstraction – Juan Gris – It’s cool to discover a new artist and I did here with Cubist Juan Gris.

Chicago Stock Exchange – This beautiful room is the original, moved to the museum when a modern facility was constructed in the 1970’s. I stood in the middle of it and tried to imagine what a working day was like there back then. What went on behind the doors? How many lives changed for better or worse right in that room?

Speaking of Leftovers, it’s a CD from the Bottle Rockets, in town tonight for a couple hours of the best rock ever to come out of Festus, MO!!! Hep!