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Unfortunately, the correspondence I received last week was not from this IRS. No, it was from our friends at the Internal Revenue Service informing me that, “If this information is correct, you will owe $12,067.” Holy interest and penalties, Batman! I’m sure one can get much worse news in the mail, but a letter from the IRS looking for cash must be in the top ten. Based on the facts presented, I was pretty sure they were mistaken, but I was so busy with work stuff I didn’t have time to fully refute it until this week while I’m on “vacation.” I can’t say I worried much about it, but some things I was planning did get a little thought for being somewhat in jeopardy. Anyway, my research shows the income they say I didn’t report actually was reported elsewhere on my 1040. Looks like Megan may get my Volvo after all.

Oh, any guesses on the lyric title of this post?

I’m Only Happy When it Rains
I’ve never been a fan, nor do I own any of their music, but there’s a really good performance by Garbage on PBS’s Soundstage on WGBX and WGBH-HD.

What, Me Worry?
No, that wasn’t me on the Tobin Bridge after the Sox lost 3 in a row to the DevilDogs. Really.

Finally, this bit of wisdom from a beautiful film: “Just Keep Swimming… Just Keep Swimming…”


  1. Blogger User

    Taxman! Great song….

  2. Anonymous

    Finding Nemo owns, “Just keep swimming…”, which could or could not have been lifted from another classic line from another movie, “Put one foot in front of the other…”.

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