1. “Drink ‘n Heil” – Mel Gibson had a little too much truth serum and spewed racist commentary about Jews to a Jewish cop in Malibu. Oops. I find it sickening how FOX is jumping to his defense as if the Road Warrior’s vile diatribe was some conspiracy of the left. If Ted Kennedy had slurred those things after a bender on the Vineyard they would be all over him…
  2. When Tour de France, um “winner” Floyd Landis peed in a cup after making up 8 minutes climbing the Alps during the 17th stage, synthetic testosterone showed up. So, unless he produces the fake testicle that produced the fake hormone, he’s going to be stripped of his title.
  3. Israel and Hezbollah continue to amplify the brutality on each other. President Bush is “happy with the progress being made.” See item 5 below.
  4. In a huge disgrace to this country, the US Senate defeated legislation that would have raised the hourly minimum wage to $7.25 from $5.15 over three years.
  5. Ho hum… Fanned by spiking crude-oil prices, ExxonMobil reported a QUARTERLY PROFIT of $10.36B. That’s 10,360,000,000.00, much of it paid for by the poor who can’t get a raise to their minimum wage.
  6. It looks like Apple got caught with its hands in the stock options cookie jar and will have to restate earnings going back “years.”

Fortunately the news isn’t all bad