On November 7th, that man (or woman) is going to be you. Will you vote? If so, how? Have you given it any thought? From the international/national to a more local perspective, here’s what I’m thinking:

President Bush and the neocons – My hope is that the Democrats win control of the House and the Senate to neutralize this destructive administration. Of course, I can’t really influence that one. In Massachusetts, we only sent Dems to Congress anyway.

Gay Marriage – Is this the issue the Conservatives, Christian Coalition and “Moral” Majority think they can run on? Please. Is that all they’ve got? Oh, no, they also have…

Immigration – If the immigrants flowing North were a bunch of white folks, would this even be an issue?

Iraq – I don’t care if they try to stick a “cut and run” button on me. Get our kids out of that hellhole now. The people fighting us will never stop until we leave; just like in Vietnam. Oh, I also don’t recall any of the 9/11 terrorists being Iraqi. Most were disenchanted Saudi’s. Why are they pissed off at us? Because we support their dictatorship, um, I mean monarchy.

Energy – What exactly has the Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress done about this? Oh yeah, we attacked Iraq and Big Oil makes BILLIONS of dollars in profit regardless of the price of oil. Oh, and the idiots in Detroit keep making lousy, gas guzzling cars. I’ll vote for candidates that truly support renewable energy.

MA Governor – Kerry Healey (R) or Deval Patrick (D)
I’m kinda torn on this one. As much as I want to vote straight Democrat as a protest to the Bush Administration, I also want some checks and balances on the Democrat dominated Massachusetts legislature… Let me get back to you on that one.

Ballot Questions

  1. Wine Sale in Food Stores – That’ll save me a trip to Kappy’s.
  2. Candidates Nominated by More Than One Political Party – Huh?
  3. Unionization of Family Child Care Providers – No.