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Thanks Giving

I sit here at the virtual Thanksgiving table thankful about…

…hearing the sound of Kyle breathing while sleeping on the couch. About 45 minutes ago, he stumbled by from his bedroom to the couch. I gave him a pillow and wrapped him in a blanket. He said, “Happy Thanksgiving, Daddy.” A few minutes later he added, “I miss Megan.”

…Jessica’s recovery.

…being able to read and write.

…having a new boss who is one of the coolest and smartest people I’ve ever met.

…the richness of life that has nothing to do with money.

…a friend in Barb.

…artists of every medium.


…finally emerging from my turtle-like shell to reach out and develop relationships.

…having enjoyed all those “Seinfeld” episodes before knowing Michael Richards is a bigot.

…good health.

…knowing someday she will come home.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am thankful for you too, Leo.

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