In 1998, President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, all related to his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. Of course the Republican efforts to “get” Clinton began with their “Whitewater” obsession, but they were happy to nail “Slick Willy” for a blowjob. Despite the gallant efforts of the Republican controlled House, the Senate sided with the American people (opposed to impeachment by a 65–70% margin), and acquitted Mr. Clinton. In the end, the self-righteous right made the impeachment a moral issue and dragged the country through the mud of Cuban exports and procrastination about dry-cleaning for the better part of two years. Yes, Bill Clinton lied when he wagged his finger and said, “I did not have sex…,” but impeachment?

Eight years later, impeachment winds are rustling the late-November leaves on the grounds of Capitol Hill. The people said “enough!” on November 7th and now the Bush administration may have to answer a few questions about:

I’m trying to reconcile the “immorality” of Clinton’s adultery and lying about it against Bush and his team exploiting 9/11 and then lying about WMD in Iraq to justify their war, resulting in thousands of dead, including over 3,000 fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of those they lied to.

Things might have turned out so much better if Ms. Lewinski had just worked for Bush and Cheney.