I was under the impression that “28 days” was some rehab term, but I guess it’s an old one. So many people are fucked up these days treatment facilities can’t handle the volume if they give people 28 days. Whatever. I suppose the 28 days was the time it took to get shit out of your system and then try to resume a normal life. When I searched the term it brought up the IMDB link to the film and interestingly one person posted a comment comparing it to “Girl, Interrupted.” Having never seen it, I read a little…

I think I’m looking for some kind of answer, but fuck it. Sometimes you just have to laugh. Here’s a little exchange between Angelina Jolie (Lisa) and Whoppi Goldberg (Valerie):

Lisa: Take one fuckin’ step and I’ll jam this in my aorta.
[aiming a pen at her neck]
Valerie: Lisa, your aorta is in your chest.
Lisa: Good to know.