Just before leaving for Philly, I stopped into my local Overhead Door dealer to buy a nifty Mini Remote Controller. When Kyle and I pulled into the garage that night, it was a pleasure to leisurely walk out of the garage instead of hitting the door-close button on the wall then dashing out under the closing door, but above the infrared safety beam that would stop the door from closing…

Anyway, Kyle was clutching his new Voldemort wand he’d received for Christmas and had no idea about this new remote…

Me: “Hey, dude. I forgot to close the garage door. See if you can close it with your wand. Let’s see if that thing works.”
Kyle: Avada Kedavra!”

  • Voldemort wand… $29.50
  • Mini Remote Controller… $36.75
  • Seeing the look on Kyle’s face after he closes the garage with his new wand… Priceless.