This just makes me want to buy a 55” HDTV and charge everyone I know a penny in a symbolic defiance against the en-ef-el and their insatiable and petty financial gluttony. I’m no fan of churches, but hey, if they’re showing the Super Bowl® on a 108” HD plasma, I believe, baby!

Whatever. Here’s why “Da Bears” will win:

The Chicago Defense – Much attention toward the end of the year focused on the adventures of Bears quarterback Rex Grossman. Nobody should forget the Chicago “D” had 40 sacks, forced 27 fumbles and snatched 24 interceptions this season.

Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson – They will run on the Colts and keep Peyton Manning off the field.

DestinyThis can’t be good for the indoor team.

Update Sunday 11:51am…I almost forgot…
The Letdown – The Colts knocked a Giant Elvis of an albatross off their neck exactly two weeks ago… There will be an emotional letdown today.

Why the Colts could win:

The Bears aren’t that good – They had a weak-ass schedule including six games in their pathetic division.

Still, neither are the Colts…

Bears 25 – Indy 24