“Thoughts and prayers are with you Leo…” was a puzzling email to receive Friday night, so I responded sarcastically with, “Why? Is my blog exhibiting some crisis vibe?” A few minutes later the fun ended when I read, “Haven’t you written about your Dad and that he lives in the Villages in Fla????” A quick scan of the news was frightening… A powerful tornado had ripped the early morning tranquility of the adult playground, destroying property and inflicting the ultimate early retirement on some 20 young and old victims. “All circuits are busy. Please try your call again later,” heightened my anxiety, but on the 4th or 5th try, Caroline, my step-mother answered and assured me they were OK. “It went right over us.” Dad was working when I called, but he called me the next day to fill me in. Dad saying, “It sounded like a train,” recalled the DBT’s “Tornadoes,” and I recoiled at what their experience must have been like, but only for a second as he added, “I slept through it.”

NP- “World of Hurt” – Smokin live version by the Drive By Truckers