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Inspiration to Perspiration

Dark, ominous clouds are forming as we slide uncontrollably, as if on an icy hill, toward February 14, and no, it’s not my annual disdain for Valentine’s Day. These clouds portend a war on the roses… Yes, long-stem red roses, the ultimate symbol of $128 plus shipping are taking a beating in the press this year. Either you lack the creativity to send a more imaginative floral arrangement or you’re cold to the plight of the rose in the sickening world of petal harvesting. According to Amy Stewart, author of “Flower Confidential,” “roses are really lab rats, bred to live in a factory and be fed by machine.” Now that’s romance. She goes on to expose the flower industry in a way that likens the transportation of petals to smuggling illegal immigrants through a hot desert. Many don’t survive the trip. Plus, you really wouldn’t want to give your significant other an illegal immigrant, would you? No, of course not. Unless you need a gardener.

As a public service, Dr. Love is here to help you show a little inspiration this Valentine’s Day…

To me, the beauty of flowers must embrace a minimum of two senses, sight and smell. It would be great if they could also emit some romantic Mozart string concertos, but they can’t…yet. Anyway, if a beautiful arrangement of roses lacks that familiar fragrance, they suck. Since you can’t (yet) smell products through the internet, if you must buy roses, buy them locally and make sure they pass the whiff test. Then again, if you’re going to make the trip, ask the florist to create something unique for your special someone. One of a kind. Like her.

Dinner? Hmmm… Nothing says “I love you” like a trip to the Olive Garden… Unless I take Kyle there and then it really does… Hey, give the boy time. He also digs Sparks on East 46th… Anyway… how about making dinner? Can’t cook? Well, there are plenty of prepared foods at markets or take-out at local restaurants to use. Just ditch the tin pans and boxes. Oh, and set a table with something special… Linen… Candles… Rose petals… (Hey, that way you can buy just one or two roses!) OK… Also pick up some nice bath stuff… I really don’t know what, just beads or oils or bubbles or something. Go to Macy’s and ask… When your honey gets home or when you do, hand her the nice bath stuff gift, give her a kiss and say, “Why don’t you go relax while I make dinner.” Dude, you are the man! Once she’s in a fully marinating position, you deliver the knockout blow… a glass of champagne. After that, dinner won’t matter. In fact, you may not get to dinner. Enjoy.

It’s not the roses or the chocolates or the dinner or the champagne or jewelry. It’s you taking the time to think about her and doing something nice. Oh, and don’t limit it to one day a year.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dr. Love….

    You are right on about the smell of roses. Being spoiled by fresh cut roses from my Dad’s rose garden – nothing compares to the intoxicating scent of a fresh cut rose – except maybe freesia – but roses have the beauty.


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