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The books say, “just write” when you get the block. I’m more busy than blocked, but lately have lacked the inspiration to peck at this keyboard. More of my “leisure time” is not leisurely, which leaves me less time for uh, leisure, including this.

Recently I read or heard that Red Sox owner John Henry had invested in a NASCAR race team. I have a personal bias against the “sport” and its fans. I think they’re nitwits who congregate mostly in red states and helped put “Dubya” in the White House. The sad irony for these people is that it’s their sons and daughters who are dying outside our shores.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago on the highway in bumper to bumper traffic when one of these dopes in a bicycle yellow Mustang in front of me was weaving back and forth in the lane like he was just biding his time under a yellow caution flag…

I thought this Craigslist um, list was pretty good. I made a mental note to avoid #20.

Former House speaker Newt Gingrich tried to remove a potential obstacle recently when he admitted to cheating on his wife at around the same time the House he lead was impeaching President Bill Clinton over his “not sex” with Monica Lewinsky. And the Republicans call Al Gore a hypocrite…

This beautiful panoramic view of life in Moscow is cool and there are a few more here.

This post title is from a DBT’s song… which one?

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  1. Jeff

    Marry me!

    Um, song, that is.

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