Everything can be explained by numbers. Everything. I’m looking out the window at trees. The uniqueness of each can be broken down into a chemical equation. Of course we can’t know the equation because a tree at this very moment is a product of, among other things:

  • Weather impacts many growth factors including sunlight and photosynthesis
  • Chemical composition of the air and water it has encountered… ever.
  • Kids climbing… Squirrels storing… Birds nesting. Mosquito’s.
  • All man made impacts to the environment… Cars… Even the air ripple of a nearby leaf blower.

If we knew all of these variables, the existence of a tree could be written in a calculation.

Even love can be distilled mathematically. All human senses are controlled by electrochemical actions and reactions. The various senses regulate our capacity for love:

  • Sight + interpretive brain decide attractiveness.
  • Hearing – a voice can be soothing music, cayenne pepper or fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • Smell – Ah, pheromones or bad breath?

All of the above can render touch an inducement to other chemical reactions.

Whatever. The point is that numbers are everything. Without numbers we could not have the relationships that make life fulfilling. Even a conversation cannot take place without the transmission of sound waves and the beauty of a face in candlelight isn’t possible without the travel of light waves.

Numbers have been in my head lately:

  • 1,800,000,000
  • 115 x 54 x 5 : Rows, columns and worksheets in an Excel file I use for a program that will generate $15M this year.
  • 30 x 4 = 120 : Minutes x Floors/min = Total floors climbed in a workout
  • 30 x 16.93 = 508 : Minutes x Calories/min = Total calories burned in a workout
  • 2 & 1 : Two new hires with one to go…