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I’m worried about this world we live in. Yesterday, as I waited for Jessica to come out of the grocery store, I observed as a woman emptied her grocery cart and walked it toward the store. Suddenly, she pushed it forward and watched as it rolled TO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. Satisfied with her effort, she turned and walked back to her car, backed out of the space and drove away. I was stunned. As I retrieved the empty carriage of this equally vapid dope, I wondered, “where do these people come from and why am I in the midst of them?” Unfortunately, those of us burdened with thought are living in a sequel to George Romero’s, “Night of the Living Dead,” and what’s dead are brain cells. I mean, if you have even half a brain, you are so outnumbered by those with just a stubby brain stem loosely connected to a crumply mass of mushy pork rinds.

The decline of the American Empire is upon us. Brain cells are down. Fat cells are up and our investments are dominated by stuff that blows up. While we play out the string of wasted lives and wasted capital spawned by a failed president elected by these red state yahoos, countries like China and India are investing in education and infrastructure to support their dominance of the 21st century. Of course instead of acknowledging that we’ve put ourselves in this situation, the right wing will instead dust off the menace of “Red China” and another spiral of conflict will ensue. The last hot flash will arrive while the zombies sit in front of their TV’s watching “reality.”

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    What we’re missing is a little bit of that human touch…


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