I have some note cards with images like this by Mark Rothko.

They’re cool, but $72,840,000?

The Edward Hopper show at the MFA is one I’m looking forward to. He paints isolation in a way I really identify with. Here are a few isolated reviews…

The Phoenix


Camille Pissarro is my favorite of the Impressionists. Pissarro: Creating the Impressionist Landscape is coming to the Milwaukee Art Museum June 9–September 9, 2007.

Jerry Falwell died this week. I won’t miss his deluded self-righteous bluster from the wing on the right. We can thank him and other nuts like Pat Robertson for brainwashing enough people who don’t think on their own to get “W” elected.

It will be interesting to see how Roger Clemens pitches for the Yanks. Amazingly, at 45 he’s still hurling, just like his idol and fellow Texan, Nolan Ryan. As for the Yankees, I hope they get it together and make it a race. It’s not very compelling or fun without them.

“A room hung with pictures is
a room hung with thoughts.”
— Sir Joshua Reynolds