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One Kyle…

There’s a Boston.com feature today on all the New England war dead from the Bush fiasco in Iraq. Specialist Kyle Little was from West Boylston and he had not yet reached the age to legally have a beer at the family cookout today. Now he never will. This one Kyle was killed May 8, 2007, in Iraq, by a roadside bomb.

Today there are over 3,000 American mothers mourning their lost children and there’s no end in sight. How many more mothers will be reduced to writing letters to their dead child like Gina Barnhurst does every Sunday? Her son, Eric was killed by a sniper in Iraq on Oct. 21st.

Last night I awoke to a glowing TV promoting upcoming HBO shows. I heard Bill Maher say, “I’m pissed off that more people aren’t pissed off.” Since President Bush addressed the nation March 19, 2003, the word “stability” has been frequently used by an administration who’s Iraq policy has produced anything but. Not that there hasn’t been stability as a result of the Bush-Cheney war. ExxonMobil’s profit growth has been obscenely stable:

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