After working Father’s Day morning on a presentation, the plan was to hit up the Hopper exhibit at the MFA. We arrived at 1:00 to discover the first available viewing was not until 3:00, and I knew Kyle would be “Les Miserables” if we were gawking art for 3 hours, so we needed a Plan B. About an hour later, we were eating a Bianchi’s Pizza in a warm breeze under some shade at Revere Beach and I said to my munching Megan and Kyle, “this is better than the museum.” Just then my phone vibrated with Father’s Day wishes from Mom. “I thought you’d be coming over. I made meatballs.” I see. Winding up Revere Beach Boulevard, a jeep merged in front of us. It had one of those “Life is Good” stickers affixed to it’s bumper. “Yeah,” I thought, “it is.”