We’re live from McCarran International Airport where my “what was I thinking when I booked this red-eye” has devolved into a 40 minute flight delay and a new departure time of 1:25AM! (That’s 4:25 for you watching the clock at home.) Hey, at least this place has free Wi-Fi…

Since the SHRM show ended today at 2:00, I’ve killed 10 hours:

  • Getting changed into shorts in a bathroom
  • Strolling to the Wynn for a cocktail
  • Continuing to the Venetian in the 100 degree sun to scout a dinner spot
  • Traipsing one of the Strip footbridges to check out the Mirage
  • Gawking with fellow gawkers at the club Revolution for a Beatle glimpse. Apparently, Pauly, Ringo, Yoko and George Harrison’s widow were there being interviewed by Larry King, high on formaldehyde.
  • After a non-fab glimpse, my wallet gently wept after a round of drinks at Stock, the Mirage steakhouse.
  • After all that I ended up back at the Treasure Island Sports Book just in time to see a Yankee pitcher walk in the winning run against the O’s. Nice!
  • Btw, the Pats are 1-1 to win the AFC East and 2-1 to win their 4th championship in 7 years.
  • Oh, and the Sox are currently the favorites at 5-2 to win their 2nd championship in 4 years, or their 3rd in 90 years, depending on your particular point of view.
  • Speaking of alternative points of view, the Yankees are 10-1 to win the Series, which is really good when you consider a team has to make the playoffs to get there…
  • Dinner was an encore at Ilsa, a sweet Mexican joint in TI.
  • Ah, more good news from the American agent at Gate D8… I’m unlikely to make my 7:05 connection in Chicago…
  • Anyway… After dinner I headed back to the Sports Book to watch the Sox lose lamely to the Mariners. At that point, I’d had enough Vegas, and didn’t drop a dime gambling.

Oh, one last Vegas note,,, I was actually considering taking the kids here for a little vacation including a few shows, Hoover Dam and the big hole, but what is up with $159 dollars for Celine Dion tickets? What a Vegas vacation buzz kill. I don’t think I could sit through her whole show, but Kyle would be absolutely thrilled to see her. I’m hoping the stunting of his manhood would be temporary…