The Drive-In is usually great fun regardless of the image quality projected through the night air. Last night was no exception. My brother Corey joined Mr. Kyle Daley and his dad for a twin-bill featuring “The Simpsons Movie” and the film titled above. Now I wasn’t expecting the magic of the “Ratatouille” / “Harry Potter” twin killing of two weeks prior, but man… The new Adam Sandler / Kevin James non-funny joke of a movie was so bad we split before Jessica Biel got semi-naked, and we knew she was going to!

The “Simpsons” flick was funny like a 90 minute Simpsons episode including a hilarious “Austin Powers” takeoff of Bart skateboarding in the buff. It just wasn’t nearly as good as “Upchuck” was baaaaad.

I think Kyle Smith of the New York Post nailed it: “The movie isn’t insulting to homosexuals but to comedy.”