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Greetings From Idiot America

Warning: The title of this post was stolen from an Esquire magazine article, but since they basically stole it from Green Day, it’s not really stealing. I’m just guessing, but I believe there’s a strong demographic overlap between people who voted for “Dubya” and consumers of the Corvette coin.

Earlier this week my dad and I were watching a Red Sox game and chatting. Since his wife Caroline passed away last month, he’s been focused on his own “ticking crocodile.” “When I go, I want to be cremated.” He went on to tell me something about death benefits he’ll have as a Navy veteran. Almost on cue, the plasma pixels began to radiate a surreal commercial for a Boston Red Sox Urn. “Hey Dad, do you want to be in one of those up on the mantle?” “No.”

Who buys these things?

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  1. Jeff

    the same people who buy stuff from Airmall!

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