No, not that fatty, but a new iPod nano. The one I inherited from Megan “bricked” as they say in the biz, so I threw down $199 on a new 8G. Now before you go all iPod “Classic” on me, please understand I pretty much use this thing exclusively for working out. I just put it in the pocket of my gym shorts and select “workout mix.” I did check out the new 80G and 160G Pods, but I’d rather avoid hearing, “Is that a hard drive in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” Oh, I also throw an audiobook on there occasionally for the commute, but for the most part, the little fatty will be to drive the big fatty through workouts.

Now that I’ve quadrupled the size of my, um, memory, I’m taking some time to import more of my CD’s into iTunes for little fatty. A few of the new digitized discs include:

  • “Rock N Roll Animal” – Lou Reed
  • “The Mozart Effect – Relax, Daydream and Draw”
  • “The Ex-Husbands” – The Ex-Husbands
  • “What’s So Funny?” – Angry Johnny and the Killbillies
  • “Hankenstein” – Angry Johnny and the Killbillies
  • “A.M.” – Wilco
  • “Girlfriend” – Matthew Sweet

Lou is cranking right now… Recorded live in 1973, “Rock N Roll Animal” is timeless. Anyway, I have nothing else to write, so I’ll leave you with “Evangeline” from Matthew Sweet’s “Girlfriend.”