It’s been quiet around here. Too quiet. Please accept my apologies for not being here to entertain or irritate, whichever is your perception. In contrast to the digital silence here, my physical world was abuzz this weekend with vibration and pounding. Before you jump to any wild baseless conclusions, let me clarify by explaining my brother and I were performing delicate surgery on the bowels of this nearly 80 year old home of mine with no anesthesia, and it took no prisoners for every inch of wall we tried to take.

In 1930, the frames homes were constructed out of steel beams impersonating wood two by fours. Oh, and they were a full 2” by 4”, not the withered by inflation pencils we get today. These studs were chewing up sawzall blades like Takeru Kobayashi mangling 60 of Nathan’s Famous on the 4th of July.

Thanks to my brother, we succeeded in our “doorway bypass” and Megan now has a wall for a crib where an old doorway once stood. Now I need to find a talented plaster artist to smooth out our new wall before Madison Olivia comes home in a few weeks.