Writing is tedious without inspiration; more so sans subject. Over the past few years of this blogaholic existence, I’ve bookmarked things I could later wax on. “11 Most Important Philosophical Quotations” is one of them. Charitably making the top ten (“This one goes to 11”) is this post title by Heraclitus (ca. 540 – ca. 480 before year 0) [As an aside, can I still use the term “BC” if I believe JC was just another guy?] Anyway, as you can see by the not so Polaroid accompanying this babble from your not completely evolved ape, Heraclitus, or “Clete” to the old boys back in the Athenian hood, was an intense dude.

The point is that our lives, our reality flows and is impermanent. This morning I spent over an hour researching “Developmental Dyspraxia” in an effort to figure out what ails my son. The condition does sound dead on, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve spent countless more of my finite time searching for “the answer.” It just doesn’t matter. The next hour I spend reading to Kyle and the hours later today we pick pumpkins matter. Enjoy the beauty of the river and don’t dwell on why it runs.

Fly went by
beauty missed
asking why