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Here Baby Here!

“Oh, sorry. She’s your baby.” Gigi’s reaction was to run toward cuddling when the nurse asked “Do you want to hold the baby?” “Grammy” deferred to the new dad, as did the new grandfather, “the Big Papi.” At 3:47PM today, Nearly 49 years to the day my mother delivered me to the adoring masses, my baby really took one for the team and pushed a healthy, beautiful baby girl into our family. Baby having always seems to involve statistics… Weight, height, trust fund balance. All I’m going to say about Madison Olivia is that she taught her mother never to have sex again and she entered this world like her mom: hungry.


  1. Anonymous

    This is one beautiful blonde baby! (I knew I’d find a picture here…)

  2. Anonymous

    Ok Leo,

    Now it’s time for more pics…don’t keep her all to yourself now…


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