The mudslinging will ebb slightly in 343 mornings as partisans shuttle the pandered pliable to the polls. Just after lunch, charges of voter fraud will churn and spin will be spun. Sadly, all it takes is one backward state (Al Gore, meet Florida) to screw the country for eight years and kill thousands forever.

Currently we have a field of 16 presidential candidates from the two major parties exhorting their appeal to the outer reaches of their respective parties. Speaking of outer reaches, a quiz assessing ones views on the issues aligns me with Mr. Spock himself, Dennis Kucinich. Maybe I really should move to France. I don’t agree with everything the man believes, just 65% of it and some of the Democratic front-runners are close behind. Still, I agree with Mr. Kucinich on these basics:

  • Reject war as an instrument of foreign policy
  • Cut the Pentagon budget to fund education, healthcare, diplomacy, alt-energy and rebuilding our national infrastructure
    • WPA-type program for veterans and others will create jobs and rebuild America
  • Healthcare access is a basic right in a democratic society
  • Affirm intention to work with the world community
  • Americans’ social consciousness should override cheap goods and exploitation of foreign workers
  • Lead world to sustainable energy production
  • A clean environment is not a luxury
  • Raise CAFE standard from 27.5 mpg to 45
  • Double our energy from renewable sources by 2010
  • Public financing for elections
  • Ban sale or transfer of semi-automatic guns

Where do you stand on the issues facing your country and your world?