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Beauty and a Beast

I’m like a second grader on the path to understanding the calculus of my new Nikon D40, but in spite of my inexperience, the new toy grabs some cool stills. Last night “Tanta” Claus visited in the form of Barb to share a few presents with the kids and me. “You should take some profile shots of that baby.” Uh, OK.

Then there’s this optical illusion taken from Kyle’s world of all things Potter. I had the camera on “Program” mode and 800ISO (for low light). The shutter stayed open just long enough to catch a shot of Kyle’s mind being sucked out by Dementors. Of course he loves it…


  1. Anonymous

    Now that is a fabulous profile. Miss Madison is spectacular.

  2. Anonymous

    I love it! I made a really cute baby.

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