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Hello New Year

As 2007 met its 365 day quota and 2008 begins, I’m quietly enjoying a final few days of vacation. Most of this week was spent at DisneyWorld with my son and father and not my laptop.

Last week many a website, newspaper and magazine published their “best of” lists and I’m feeling somewhat obliged to contribute. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to enough music or see sufficient movies to compile a top ten heard/seen, never mind a top ten. To quell the demanding masses, here’s a 2007 favorites compilation:

  • Digital Download – Wilco’s “Sky Blue Sky”
  • Musical – The surprisingly wonderful “White Christmas” at Boston’s Wang Center
  • Day – October 19th
  • Walk – 10 blocks straight down Broadway with Kyle
  • Quote in a meeting the morning after: “I’m not doing math in my head right now.”
  • Toy – Nikon D40 DSLR
  • Book – “Moneyball”
  • Business Trip – Cleveland including a ballgame at the Jake.
  • Job – (Tie) New doorway to the basement and landscaping makeover
  • Concert – Wilco with Megan and Madison
  • Movie – Knocked Up, seen with Megan while she was… uh…
  • Gift – Tickets to “Mary Poppins” on Broadway for Kyle’s birthday.
  • Documentary – I added this category because “Sicko” got nosed out for best movie
  • Moment – Kyle standing to walk and hug and kiss Megan
  • Doctor – (Tie) Christie Stine and Madelena Martin

2007 was a year that fear turned to hope and a new life began. It wasn’t a bad year, but it also wasn’t a list topper. Favorite year? Hmmm… I’ll have to give that some thought. A couple Sunday’s ago, Kyle, Dad and I watched a “60 Minutes” interview with Tom Brady. When asked his favorite of 3 super bowl rings was, he paused and then answered, “the next one.”

Here’s to 2008…

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    -M, just kidding. <3 Megan

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