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What does it say about me that my television viewing is limited to MSNBC, CNN, FauxNews and Family Guy? That’s it. Did you know you can program a Comcast remote to cycle between 2 or more channels with the “Fav” button? Oh yeah… On primary nights my ADD goes off the Ritalin and on the crack pipe as I lay mesmerized by the “objective” reporting of Keith Olberman, Bill-O, Pat Buchanan, Chris Matthews, Wolf, and representing the Nazi’s, Sean Hannity . And I don’t know who I find more compelling, Olberman ranting a “Special Comment” or Stewie Griffin inquiring about Brian’s book. You tell me.


  1. Anonymous

    Friggin hilarious! I love it.


  2. Ron

    Whoa my friend. Your “about me” view I believe depicts the right wing. Be careful out there and consider the warmth and greater O2 inside the cabin, but sit in row A. I’ll be nearby but prefer an aisle seat.


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