Democratic voters helped Barack Obama make history.

Some other thoughts on the general election:

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if John McCain isn’t the Republican Presidential candidate on November 4, 2008. They cannot win with this guy. Hey, Karl Rove & Co. smeared him out of the running in 2000. Anything’s possible.
  • Barack Obama needs to keep accentuating the positive and back off the corporate bashing. Even the oil companies need to be part of the solution if we’re to have real change.
  • Michelle Obama is going to get savaged by the right-wing pitbulls of hate like Michelle Malkin. Her husband won’t be spared either. They’ll probably link him with OJ Simpson before it’s all over.
  • When are the Republicans going to get John McCain into Toastmasters? Seriously. That lackluster speech tonight in front of those rented cardboard cutouts was pathetic.
  • I almost welled a tear tonight seeing footage of Barack Obama shaking hands with hard working Americans… Black Americans. The pride in their faces was touching.
  • It looks like millions of Democratic voters are going to be held hostage until they are “respected.” Whatever that means. Their choice now is to vote for the Democrat or screw themselves with apathy or a vote for John McCain. That’s not much leverage for a group that supposedly wants to do what’s best for America.