Yesterday my #1 fan commented, “Does it ever make you mad that no one comments?” Well, that’s really not true, is it my girl? Oh, you mean “other people…” No, not really. People lead busy lives and I’m grateful that 15-20 people a day read this often digital drool.

Hey, speaking of drool, Jeff and I were IM’ing the other day and briefly exchanged views on the imperviousness of babies to drool. It’s everywhere and they just don’t care. Happy birthday to Nathan and Zachery Copetas who hit the big one this week.

  • “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Records is a great name for a label.

Top 3 Sunburns…

  • Memorial Day 1976 at Hampton Beach, NH – From cracker to lobster kicking off the bi-centennial summer.
  • Gila River (AZ) Raft Trip 1981 – Laying in an inflated tire for 5 hours drinking beer sounded like a good idea.
  • July 4, 1982 – Mission Beach, San Diego – When you choose the back of a station wagon alone vs. a sleeping bag on the beach with your girlfriend, it’s not a tan.

‘If Jesus was around today the Republicans would call him soft on terror and part of the “cut and run” crowd.’ – DJ Hugely on “Real Time with Bill Maher.

Reading an article about focus while climbing stairs, listening to music and occasionally glancing at the TV may seem fuzzy, but it all works together like rats rummaging tin garbage cans in the alley of a French Bistro. One line from a commenter stood out: “The more attention you put on something the bigger it becomes.” Yeah, like an ex-girlfriend.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Imagine, you meet a smart, sexy woman and she’s got a great career, moonlights as a superhero, plus she breaks your bed with you in it. Cool, right? Well, super skills aside, she turns out to be a needy, neurotic mess who puts this song into the soundtrack while she burns “Dick” into your forehead with x-ray eyes… Cute premise for a movie and the few bits I caught while the Mars lander allowed the dust to clear were chuckle inducing. .

Mission to Mars
I’ve been fascinated by the space program since watching Gemini and Apollo missions in the 60’s and 70’s, but in 2008, I think $520M could buy a lot of progress toward energy independence instead of ice on Mars. Still, it’s a great achievement for the Phoenix mission team at the University of Arizona.

The liberal press and nuts like me make ourselves feel better about the mess we’re in by proclaiming Dubya will burrow under the lair of losers to his rightful spot at the bottom of the worst Presidents ever. But is he really? Yesterday oil fetched $139 a barrel; we all know where gas prices are going, and Mr. Bush’s oil friends are realizing historic profits. From the secret “energy policy” meetings held by the ever-appropriately named Dick Cheney, to a long destabilizing war, this seven year reign of error has made it happen. As Robin Hood was a hero to the poor, George W. Bush is a serviceable lackey to the rich.

I can’t end there… 40 years ago this week as this then nine year old got ready for school, the man on the radio told me Robert F. Kennedy had been killed. What I haven’t known for forty years was that as he lay dying, he was conscious and asked, “Is everybody all right?” Those were his last words.

Scanning those quad decade events, I read about a rumor that the Stones were recording “Beggar’s Banquet” at the time and that a lyric in “Sympathy for the Devil” was changed from “I shouted out, who killed John Kennedy?” to “I shouted out, who killed the Kennedy’s?”

As our economy unravels and all but the rich are at risk of unemployment, inflation and a devaluing of our currency as a nation, my hope is that our next President shares the sentiment, “Is everybody all right?”